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id : 42    Other     Kenya

Seven Seas Technology Limited

The High Court delivered its judgement in the case of Seven Seas Technology Limited vs Commissioner of Domestic Taxes (2017008).

Aggrieved by the Tax Appeals Tribunal (TAT) decision whi...

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id : 41    Other     Kenya

National Bank of Kenya Limited

The Appellant had moved to the TAT seeking to overturn the Respondent’s corporation income tax (CIT) assessment relating to alleged underpayment of CIT for the period 2015 - 2018. The underpayment w...

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id : 40    Business Tax     Kenya

Seven Seas Technologies Limited

i) Whether payment for software license (as a vendor) for the purpose of resale to customers constitutes payment of a royalty.

ii) Whether payment of software license for own in-busines...

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id : 39    Business Tax     Kenya

Seaforth Shipping (K) Limited


i) Whether Passage of non resident employee is taxable and whether expenses relating to the same are non taxable benefits.

ii) Whether Passage o...

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id : 38    Tax Appeals tribunal-Nairobi     Kenya

Rabai Operations & Maintenance L1mited


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id : 37    Tax Appeals tribunal-Nairobi     Kenya

Pwani Oil Products Limited

The Appellant imports and refines/processes edible oils for both the local and export

During the period 2012 - 2013 the Appellant applied for and was granted

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id : 36    Business Tax     Kenya

Primarosa Flowers Limited

(a) Whether there existed sales variances between the actual auction sales and sales declared by the Appellant;

(b)Whether interest expense that relates to the borrowings should be rest...

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id : 35    Tax Appeals tribunal-Nairobi     Kenya

Ocean Sports (2006) Limited

The Tribunal has studied both parties...

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